Petition of support for Marine Corps Commandant Gen. James Amos

Gen. James Amos (USMC photo)

The Hon. Barack Obama
President of the United States

Dear Mr. President,

We the undersigned wish to voice our support of Marine Corps Commandant Gen. James Amos, who has stated that a repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," the ban on openly-homosexual servicemembers, would be a distraction for Marines fighting in Afghanistan, and that "distractions cost Marines lives."

The purpose of this petition is not to speak for or against the repeal of the law, but to counter recent efforts calling for Gen. Amos' resignation. He has served our country with honor for 38 years, and his dedication to the Marine Corps is without question. His statements were founded upon the concerns of the men and women who are directly affected by the law. However, Gen. Amos stated that if "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" is in fact repealed, the Marine Corps would "get in step and move smartly to implement the changes."

The input of all branches of the Armed Forces is essential in a matter that could prove detrimental to the defense of this nation. Statements such as Gen. Amos' should be welcomed, not silenced.

The members of the Victory Institute

This petition will be delivered to the White House on Thursday, Dec. 23, 2010 at 1200 Eastern Time.

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Chris Carter,
Director, The Victory Institute

Sandrow Belanger,
I support General Amos 100% If he says it will cost lives he should be listened to and his recommendation taken

Semper Fi



Rick Barton,

Robert W. Kulessa,
Thank you for your service, Gen. Amos. We have your back.

Eddie Harrington,

James Allen,
Mr. President, with all due respect, General Amos has a very valid point in his opposition to the seemingly inevitable Don't Ask, Don't Tell repeal. I think his opposition brings up a good point. That no one (regardless of what anyone's personal opinion on this issue might be) seems to be asking "What's good for the services?" and does repealing DADT hinder or enhance the military's ability to accomplish it's mission. Mr. President, at the end of the day, that is the point. The mission.

Joseph daigle,

K.J. Hinton,
Gen. Amos is right. The social engineers are wrong, and those REMF's urging this nonsense will do much more harm than good.

Kathleen Worthington,
Bravery should not be deterred.

Stephen Heimsath,
No to DADT, Viet Nam vet.

Martha Jennings,

Calling for Gen. Amos' resignation shows a total lack of common sense. He only has the welfare of his Marines in mind.

John Taylor (USA Retired),
Keep the faith!

John Carter,
We have never ask for these type of people in our Military and don't welcome them now, Suppose a Boyfriend/boyfriend got mad at his partner and then decided to openly show the enemy where they were and it sometimes happen with Boyfriend/Girlfriend so you know Damn well it would happen between them,

Don Thompson , USN CPO Retired,
Thank you for your service General Amos,

Semper Fi - former Marine who believes that General Amos makes perfect sense!!!

Edward Cimasko,
he has said he will comply if he has to. what else do you want?

Timothy M. O\'Reilly,
The military's duty is not first and formost a social experiment, but rather the defense of the nation. To risk imparement of that mission during a period of active combat is worse than foolish.

I support Gen. Amos. I support his ability to voice his opinion and that of his Marines. He should not be forced to resign.

Brielle Licon,
I support General James Amos.

Mark Lynch,
As former Military and having served overseas, I don't believe that removing DADT is positive or helpful in any manner to our troops. It was hard enough being away from wife and friends, the last thing one wants is to return to their bunk/rack and find two guys embraced in each others arms, morale will take a serious hit if this is repealed. If I were still active duty I would support and serve with respect under Marine Corps Commandant Gen. James Amos and be proud to do so.

Britney Lee,

shayna leala,
May the Lord uphold you, Sir, with His righteous right hand. May your vindication come from God.


Kristin Martin,


Brad Bender,

Steve Saunders,
Do not let partisan politics and anti-military phobias allow this Marine to be sacrificed at the altar of political correctness.

Thank you for standing up for the troops.

48% and 67% of Army and Marine troops in combat arms, respectively, reported that openly homosexual service will negatively affect there unit's performance. Anyone who supports the removal of DADT and relevant UCMJ section(s), I DEFY you to claim that every one of those soldiers and Marines is wrong. Even if it is just a purely psychological change, it will still be there. Are you so dead set on making a social experiment out of the military that you will risk lives to accomodate a very few people's choices-not "lifestyle" or "status" or any of that crap, but "choices"?

Further, why do you demand special treatment for people who make one particular choice? The military can, and should, disqualify anyone for a myriad of unalterable conditions, much less mere choices: I can be dropped from DEP for getting a tattoo, for drinking, for being disorderly or disrespectful, for any number of things I might choose to do. Now you want to discriminate against ME by making one particular choice special, untouchable by considerations of good order and discipline.

Oh, I'm sure there will be outright discrimination against heterosexuals and in favor of homosexuals: Quotas on promotions and enlistments, summary punishment should someone breathe the word "homophobe", and a perfect defense against most charges of wrongdoing. However, the change itself is discrimination against everyone else in the military and everyone who has been rejected. You are demanding that this one choice be given consideration unlike that given to every other choice. Instead of being considered on the basis of "Does it impair the military's fighting ability?", you want it to be subjected to a new standard created exclusively for homosexuality: "Does it seem fair?" Let me be blunt: I don't give a damn what's fair, and no man or woman in the military should, either. The instant you lose sight of combat efficiency as the highest priority, you've murdered good troops who didn't deserve to die for your whims.

Drexel Neal,
General Amos has made a reasonable assessment of a very difficult and complex issue. We should all support his assessment and understand that it comes from a proven leader with outstanding service to this country. Semper Fi

David Kincaid,

In his position he has the duty to speak out and not be penalized.

Sgt Dean Howes,

Thomas McCandless,

Bob Farmerie,

David Thul,
If you fire someone for speaking on behalf of the majority of his service branch, than our military is well and truly screwed.

Peter Jones,
Thanks for Representing Troops concerns!!

Unless he's done something not known that would show him not to be true to his oath, this man should be allowed to serve as he has done during his career.

Chris Lamb,
Don't lose this General to PC!

"distractions cost Marines lives." I support Gen. Amos he has the background, experience and dedication to this country and her security. Honor Courage Commitment - The Few and the Proud are doing their job - let them without distraction.

MaryMargaret Goff,
Please listen to our COMBAT Marines.

David Dee,
Tell your bosses the truth. Execute their orders. We can ask nothing more from true Soldiers.

robert sawyer,
my son is a marine in combat right now! he and all the marines in his platoon are against the repeal of DADT!!

Roger Fortier,
Semper Fi, Gen. Amos.

William W. Hughes,
Former E-6, USAF/MsANG/TxANG
Semper Fi, Marines!

Stephen A. King,
The military is not a "social experiment" for your far Left, Liberal, Democrat, socialist touchy-feely, political correct nonsense. DO NOT REPEAL DADT!!!

Michael Cruden,
Semper Fi

Sid Harrison,

Carl L. Grilliot,
former L/Cpl, 0311, USMC

I want it to be Marines not Maureens

Robert Adams,

Clarence S. Rachal,
A Vietnam-Era Marine says "Listen to the Commandant". Legislators have no real reason not to - PC bull aside.

Colin Brown,
May God bless you richly, sir, for your principled stand.

Gen. Amos should be commended for putting forth the concerns of his Marines. We can only make informed decisions with all of the information, not just the information that supports one position.

Gary Wegner,
Our Country won't go on forever, if we stay soft as we are now. There won't be any AMERICA because some foreign soldiery will invade us and take our
women and breed a hardier race!
Lewis B. "Chesty" Puller

F. Fritz Cienfuegos,
You sir, are my kind of General Officer. Airborne!

Tyler Dumon,

Andrew Rothman,

Robert Brew,


Bill Krein,
Semper Fi

malcom schroeder,

Robert Coie,
I know personally a senior officer who previously worked for the Commaandant who has expressed high praise for this fine offcer

Ernest Anthony,
Semper Fi, General.

Chris Peters,
Don't do it now is not the time if ever.

SGT Joel Noland,
I appreciate that someone is standing up to this nonsense. Good on him for not being a coward to the DC snake pit.

Cindy Dayfield,

Paul Ryan,
You don't ask a man to resign for giving you as honest opinion, You respect him for it and consider his words, unless you have a blind agenda.

" uphold and defend the Constitution " not to socially engineer society .

Dean Wood,
SFC, USAR, 1962-1969

Martin J Engelman,

Both of my sons are active duty Marines. Please allow the general to speak without punishment.

Ian J. McQuade,

Charles Remington Russell,

James Pearcy,
General Amos, Thank you for 38 years of service to this great nation.

Tom Bailey,
As a veteran and concerned citizen, I totally support Gen. Amos' position on DADT.

Brent Hamilton,
Semper Fi.

Jerry Hailey,
Always Faithful, Never Forget

Willard Wells,

Jo Amato,
It is his duty to speak out on policy changes that could affect readiness. He should not be penalized for this but it comes as no surprise that he is demonized by the left and PC groups. No to repeal of DADT.



Michael Rupert,
Semper Fi

Stephen M. Babb,
Sir, You know your responsibilities and will fulfill them with a sense of Marine Corps history and a desire to maintain the exceptional fighting spirit of all Marines (future and past). It is a daunting task. We have faith in you and support you every step.
USMC 1969-72
Semper Fi

Brady J Moore,
He speaks for more than just his 67%.


What happened to freedom of speech and opinion. Adding you to our prayers and putting it into the Lord's hands.

Nick Sennert,
Semper Fi
USMC 76-81

Mike Paluda,
Thank you for your honesty Sir. Too bad political correctness has invaded every aspect of our lives these days, even our revered military.

David Hampton,
Leave DADT as it currently stands. Gays in the military is a distraction and the military is no place for social engineering.

Robert Riley,


He has said what many agree with,we need time to integrate policy and procedure..Our soldiers deserve the right to be comfortable in their skin.All soldiers,gay or straight,but a framework needs to be in place for this to happen.While we are fighting 2 wars is not the time!

Thomas Goerling,

Robert Lestage,
It is the General's duty to make his recommendations known to his commander-in-chief. It is the commander-in-chief's duty to carefully assess all of his subordinates recommendations and make a decision based on those recommendations. One should not be punished for making an honest recommendation, either pro or con.


Kathleen Peddigree,

Michael R Hicks,

Aron Groene,

David Dixon.,

Repeal is just flat out dangerous. We need to un-elect all these anti-military Democrats, who have never been blooded in combat.

I have served with Gen Amos and I would follow him anywhere, at anytime. He is a very honorable commander who thinks of his troops first and always. He is doing it again now. We need him, the Marine Corps needs him, America needs him...

Paul Sepan,
"Semper Fidelis" ought to apply in both directions.

Cpl. Matthew Brennan,
Semper FI

Larry Miller,
How these politicians trash an honest proven leader and throw him under the bus is unbelieveable. Semper Fi

Thomas M Feeks,

Bryan ODonnell,
Semper Fi, Marine! That was hard to say coming from an army guy.

Marlene E. Sunderland,
I stand in support of General Amos 100%! He is a good man that is simplely stating what his (and our) Marines have said. This in no way should be a reason to call for the resignation of this honest and honorable man! Silencing the truth will not make it any less true, it mearly causes more problems later.

Lisa Kelly,
My son served with USMC 3/5 Darkhorse. Semper Fi


David M. Barnes, Jr,
Gen. Amos is a Marine's Marine!!! Stay the course, sir!!! Semper Fidelis!!!!

Samantha Haselwood,
As a Navy veteran I appreciate a commander that gives honest assessments. He shouldn't be punished for that.

James E. Blackmon,

Fred Stuckey,
Viet Nam 68-69-70-72-73 .

Andrew S Broderick,

Gary Gilligan,

Robert Snyder,
I spent 28 years in the USMC, and support Gen. Amos. Semper Fi

Bill Spies,
As an inductee of the US Army Ranger Hall of Fame and 22 yrs of service, the last thing a small unit leader needs is one more challenge while training for and fighting a war. Please use you God-given common sense and keep what has worked in the US Army since 1776.

Scott BIlyou,
Marines still stand when everyone else shrinks back!

As a Vietnam combat veteran, I know where the General is coming from. Good for him for standing firm in his beliefs.

A McGough,

Tim Russell,

Bill Steiner,
Our military needs full support and no added distractions. Get real!

robert and margaret dunning,
margaret dunning t/sgt usaf ret
robert dunning usaf

Stop this madness!

Bob Wilkinson,
No truer words have ever been expressed

COL Harry Riley,
Where are the other Flag/Generals...backbone jelly?

Charles V. Loncon,
Semper Fidelis

Kevin Wilson,
Master Sergeant, Retired

Francis L. Loving, Col. USMC Ret.,
General Amos continue to fight the good fight. Stand tall, we are with you all the way.
Semper Fidelis,Marine!!!!

Allen goldstin,

Merritt H Powell,
MSG(8)(ret), US Army; a Florida Attorney who has dealt with Homosexuals in a military situation; all unfortunately very bad involving a misuse of the superior to inferior grade situation.


Semper Fi I support General Amos

Terry Ebbert,
Marines only mission is to win our countries wars.

SSgt Roger Loiselle,
Stop using the finest fighting force in history as a social lab experiment.

James R. Diehl,
I agree with Gen Amos..

As a Vietnam combat Veteran I believe openly gays serving in the military would lower moral and be detrimental to each units fighting ability.

Eldon Hoerschelman,
USMC 1968-69

I stand by General Amos and the Marine Corps.

SSgt Steven W. Cox,
The Commandant is doing his duty. When will congress do theirs?

Jim Albert,

The only people allowed to vote on this issue should be those whom have honorably served in the military. No one who has not served can understand that the health and morale of our serving military would be adversely affected by opening the ranks to homosexuals.

M. Attkisson,

Please listen to the comandant and the troops.

Bill Bramer,
We're coming for you next in 2012.

Al Gomez,



Russell Farmer,
CWO2 USN (Ret)

Paula Lavender,
Stop This Insanity


John B Girdler, Major, USAF Retired,
The military is no place for social experimentation. Keep DA/DT

kathy powell,

COL Joseph A. Masterson, USA (Ret),
This is just ANOTHER issue that should not be subject to "social engineering". The UCMJ still prohibits homosexual behavior, GEN Amos is right on with this.

Ronald King USN-retired,
There's no room for a Yes Vote. !!

Twana Blevins,
Thank you Gen. Amos for standing up for what is right.

Nathan Bohnert,

Ed Winkelseth,
The General was appointed to do a job, listen to him and get out of of his way. Do not repeal DADT!

Chuck Walter Jr,


James Terwilligar, Sgt USMC,

TSGT U. A, Clough, USAF, RET,
during my 21 years in the Air Force, I saw 5 different Air Crew disintegrate because of Queers - God Knows what happened to our young men in Foxholes

Gordon Smith,
te only thing that they would do if they jumped on my back is make me 8" morebullet proof

As an Army veteran of Desert Storm, I fully support Gen Amos.

Paul Reprogle,
I served 21 years and would not willingly serve with gays. Create gay units and let them serve if you will, but don't saddle Soldiers with having to deal with the enemy and gays too.


Michael Hennesy,
Don't weaken our Military with divisive cultural issues. They need to be the BEST fighting force in the world....nothing defend our liberty.

This, clearly, is about accepting the homosexual lifestyle and not about the Armed Forces. Shame, on you liberals!


SSgt (Ret) S. B. Locke,
It's obvious those who would repeal it never served on active duty ground combat units.

Tammy Bushman,

James Tomberlin,
Don't give up the fight Gen. Amos. We're backing you all the way. USAF/Army veteran.

David Bray,

Henry Holland Simms III,
it is tireing to constantly be bombarded with special interest issues especially the typical social engineering from individuals noted for peculiar social-emotional distractions that may compromise their duty and the disipline required for unit cohesiveness.

William S. Lee,
Politicians!! Listen to your Military Commanders, just for once!

Raymond Bostard,
Stop the Maddness!!

Michael G Castle,
Wisdom and common sense should take please here. You don't hear me screaming I love women and strange women won't let me shower with them. Filling the White House with gays and filling high offices with gays is fine for DC, leave the Marines out of your special interests. We are busy fighting wars. Semper Fi

Kathleen Lockhart,
I support our troops! Gen Amos is concerned with the welfare of our troops. I support Gen. Amos.

Ronald Lockhart,

Theresa Brooks,


James R. Cannon,
There are several other reasons that homosexuals should not even be allowed to serve in our military...Loyalty, Good order and discipline,Black mail,Trust, etc.

I'm to angry to leave a comment. Our elected(key word ELECTED) officials all need to stop this #@&$#.

Ken Clammer,

Semper FI--PC has no place on the battlefield

Susan Carroll,
Stand with our Military, not the progressive left that wishes to diminish the strength of armed forces.

Shane Christiansen,

Jeff Ramsay,

Tony W,
Don't you love it when you are asked your for an honest opinion on a topic and then get attacked for telling the truth! We are at war and in a depression and this is what the idiots in congress are waisting time on!

Ronald j.cordrey,
Six years active duty - what's next queen size beds in the barracks! The Marine Corps I was in made war not love!

Greg Wooldridge,
Thanks for your courage Jim. It's consistant with your commitment to your troops and America.BZ

James Moore,
I was a corpsman who spent some 6 yrs with the FMF.

Jack L . Cannon,usmc ret,
Gen. James Amos usmc is exactly right,Semper Fi ,

Kassie Claughton,

Randy Howard,
As a Combat Wounded RVN Veteran who has seen the trauma of seeing wounded soldiers rec. blood latter to find out they have Hepatitis b. It is devistating. Now you want to possibly contaminate others with AIDS. I would rather take my chances to bleed to Death than to find out later in life i am HIV Positive and have passed it to my family. and then Die in the prime of my life.

Carolyn Gwathmey,

Roxanna Miller,
It is INSANE to bring into the military a "bedroom" preference. That should be KEPT PRIVATE and definitely not aired out in ANY military branch. Thank you so much for having a backbone and standing up for the LARGE majority OF CITIZENS & OUR FIGHTING MEN & WOMEN GEN AMOS SIR.

Norman C Worcester,

Pat Dugan,
General Amos,
I am extremely proud of you! We cannot allow this idiocy to happen to OUR beloved Corps.
Semper Fi,
Pat Dugan USMC (Ret.)
Vietnam 1966-1967
0331/0321 Infantry



Richard N. Smith,
PS We support Gen. Amos and his comments on "Don't Ask, Don't Tell

John Beers,
The dont ask dont tell still affords those who are gay to serve while keeping the safety of our troops intact. stop being politically correct and think what is best for those who continuously put there lives on the line for us.

As a Former USMC Sgt., I support Gen. Amos 100%

Clifford Fargason,

Marines are special people! Gen. Amos is a real warrior--in charge of an elite group. DO NOT replace him with a lesser man.

Mike Nelson,
My son is a Marine, and he and I both support a CMC who has the courage of his convictions. If they didn't want honest opinions from our military, they shouldn't have asked.

This man is honorable and deserves all the respect due him.

Gen. Amos has served our country exceedingly well for 38 years. Anyone calling for his resignation over this issue does not have the security of our country at heart.

Dave Vanerstrom,
HM2 FMF 1965-69, I love my Corps the way it is, do not change it.

Donald H. Malone,
Backing Gemeral Amos 100%. Army Vet, Navy POP, Army Uncle. PAX PER POTENS

Jeff Smith,
Stop the political social engineering in our military. God, Country, Corps!

To have 10% of the people, enforcing their will on 90% of the people is undemacratic and an asault on the common good of the United States!!

Edward M. Koser,
Semper Fi - I support you General Amos.

dan kardas,

mike panetta,
as a former navy guy this marine needs support aganist the enemies of our fighting personel!!

Gray Morton,
Stand Firm!

An extremely intelligent and forceful leader an Aviator.

Paul Couturier,
Iraq War Veteran, currently serving in the USAR with the rank of Major!

If a member of the military is not able to freely give his honest opinion without fear of repercussion, all future hearings with the military will be compromised. This consequence will be very detrimental to national security!

William P. Peters,

Jim Sinz,
I am a retired Navy Pilot and I believe the Commandant is correct. Combat personnel don't need his stuff. If Cooks and Logistic folks don't care, so what. Support the Commandant.

Otto Schwab,
Retired Marine supports you Sir. Our country is being destroyed, except for men like you. Semper Fidelis

Naomi Goldman MacLeod,
I support Gen. Amos. He should not be forced to resign.

Mary Hampton, VP Poolee Mom,
General Amos is doing what any top commander should do, think about the value of the lives of the men under his command. He has my full support.

This social experiment will have a longterm , extremely negative impact on the morale of the military. General Amos has voiced an honest opinion.

Zigmund Laska,

Warren Buchanan,
We should protect our Military ar all costs. Any one with an ounce of brainpower will immediately recognise the folly of allowing homosexualy to defend our country. This job takes real MEN. How long do you thonk a Homosexual would have survived the Hanoi Hilton? Obvious answer.

Dennis J. Mackey,
I agree they have been not allowed in 1776 and should not be now every country that allows them was defeated in the 2nd world war except England and Canada and Canada dose not know what it wants to be. I say no or let them work in the Hospitial

Al Closson,
Combat Troops overwhelmingly disapprove of the repeal. The Commandant has his priorities straight. I support him 100%.

m ryan,

Semper Fi Skipper


Earl H. Conrad,
The military is not the place for political correctness, social engineering, and political paybacks.

Everett D. Lee,
Distractions of this nature would no doubt cause loss of life in a combat situation. Vietnam vet.

Stephen Bacon,
We do not acceptthis distraction. This Repeal will cost lives of our military in action on the front lines of battle . We ask that you vote "against" the Repeal of the Don't Ask Don't Tell Bill.


Melody Spray,
Our prayers are with you. Thank you for your leadership.

John Russell Rhodes,

James A. Brown,
Thank you for your service, and standing up for natural law and all servicemen, present and past.
CTTC USN Retired.



George Herger,
General Amos is absolutely correct. Thank God for such heroes.

Steve Mirly,

Donna Diane Uetz,
General Amos is looking out for the safety of our Marines, that's his job. He has the resolve to see this through and should not be asked to resign his position. We would all be better off if our other leaders has as much character and conviction as General Amos.

32 year navy retiree,repeal will inhibit good order and discipline,i support GEN.AMOS

We salute you, General. Would that more military personnel show the same courage off the battlefield.

Mike McPhee,
Read the DADT survey results and pay attention to what the grunts said. They're the ones at the very tip of the spear and they reported in overwhelming numbers that the foremost reason they enlisted in the Marine Corps was "to serve their country". Thirty two percent of these highly trained and skilled warriors also said they would definitely leave the Marine Corps earlier than planned if DADT is repealed and 16% more said they would consider leaving the Corps in such an event. Leave it the way it is.

As an Army veteran I oppose repeal of "don't Ask, Don't Tell" in the strongest terms possible. It will kill morale in the military and cause a mass exodus of troops reducing the standing armed forces to untenable levels!

Gates and Mullens are traitors and are bed partners with the criminals in our government!

Mike Reed,
Another Old Marine that supports General Amos 100%. Semper Fi

Joseph Boyce,
Thank you Gen Amos for your courage in opposing the repeal of a reasonable law that protects our Marines, soldiers, sailors and airmen. God Bless you

Thank you to all the men and women that live their life in service to our country for our freedom.

Janice MacIntosh,
Stand your ground General Amos and protect those who would die for us. We support you and your family.

Lewis A. Waters,
We have much more important matters facing the country right now than Gays serving openly. Why not work at correcting the economy and getting us back on fiscal solid ground before we even have this discussion. This is not and should be the pressing issue of the day. As a Veteran of Viet Nam, I am appalled that this is what is taking precedence in our country today.

Eric T Luckenbach,
God bless.

Eric Hyne,
Thank you for standing up for the real job of the Marine Corps - even in the face of your superiors! You are a man who deserves to lead.

Zona Butler,


Martin Kass,

Patrick Hogan,
Question: Once DADT is repealed, will personal now on active duty be allowed to terminate their contract if they wish not to serve under the new contract change?

Chris Fleming,

Jack Smith,
As a Navy veteran I feel the General should be commended for showing concern for his troops. This is not about integrating a race into the service, this about someone's sexual preference and should not even be discussed.

Carl Schoellkopf,
We will remember in November. Stay strong!

Leo Stein,
I served proudly 1974 to 1977 in the United States Marine Corps. Having gays in the military will severely hamper the day to day business of our military. General Amos knows this, belive him. I stand behind General Amos 100%

General Amos speaks the truth about DADT. The "law" must remain as is.

Sandra Lee Smith,
Homosexuals really need to find some other way, if they're determined to serve the US, than the military in general; but if they insist on joining then it MUST be on the MILITARY'S conditions, NOT the homosexuals'! Special dispensations need to NOT happen; it can only cause serious problems!

Barry B Wood,
former Marine, SGT 3rd LAR Bn. 2 combat tours. Mixing gays with straights WILL damage esprit de corps and get Marines killed.

Diversity of opinions makes for better decisions. Listen.

Cpl. Jason Holloman,

COL(R) Lawrence Sellin, USAR,
If we are to be successful now and in future conflicts, it will require more individuals willing to ask tough questions, tell the unvarnished truth, and lead from the front.

Sidney LaMoine Jones,

Angela McLaughlin,

Tom Carrell,
Mr. President is this really the most important item on your agenda?

Russell A. Hardin,

Mark W. Ellis,
Dear GOD,
Please be with Gen. Amos and our Troops. This is not the Boy and Girl Scouts, THIS IS LIFE AND DEATH! We are being destroyed from within by people who don't want some elses "FEELINGS" hurt! And they have NO concept nor would they volunteer to place themselves in harms way but buy GOD don't hurt anyones feelings. It is NOT ok to bring back a single American Service member in a body bag for the sake of someone elses feelings.
Mark W. Ellis, US Army (80-84)

SPC Matthew D Schultz, USArmy,

Paul Jacobus,
Hurray for General Amos. It is refreshing when someone speaks out and says that being politically correct is not in the best interest of our nation. Nam vet.

Lynn Hoffman,

Rosemary Boyce,
This is an important issue that should not be addressed by a lame duck Congress.

Mike Freeland,


Tom Ferran,
I am a former Marine who served as an infantry man and sniper during the Vietnam war. I know what it is like to be in close quarters, i.e. a fighting hole with another person. I would not want to be with a female nor an openly gay male.
Doing so WOULD be a distraction for Marines fighting in any conflict AND would cost lives."
General Amos is correct. Get off his back and let him do what he does best...kill the USA's enemy!

Peter K. Dugstad,
From one Marine to another, General Amos, thank you for standing firm for what is right in the face of adversity. Semper Fi.

I support General Amos position and follow-up comments concerning repealing DADT.

CW4 USA (Ret)

Bud Wunderlich,
Semper Fi, You have my support 100 Percent.



Rocky Patterson,
General Amos, we stand beside you! Thank you for speaking up for your Marines! Semper Fi!
Corporal Rocky Patterson

Ronald D Edmundson,
Gen James Amos is a credit to this country as was his father (also a Naval Aviator)before him. Having been raised in a military family he has more military experience than the Commander in Cheif has in life.

Gary A. Linderer,
Why risk destroying the finest military establishment in the world for perceived "social" reform? Stop trying to fix what isn't broken.

dj meekins,

Semper Fi

William Hiller,
Hang in there General; *RIGHT* has never been popular!

Christopher M Brinker,

John Sramek,
General Amos speaks for me.


David Schiel,
Support General Amos and don't repeal Don't Ask, Don't Tell


Michael A. Darracq MD,

Harold Christmas,
During my three years in the Marines Corps I spent many nights in a 4X8 space no more than a few inches from a fellow marine who I trusted with my life. That trust and comradery would have been hopelessly shattered by a simple homosexual act or suggestion on his part and the consequences would not have been pretty.

Stelman King,

Jacqueline Daigle,
I hope and pray for justice for you and this country.

Frank Waldron,

George Mellinger,
US Army Viet Nam vet '69-'70.
Under current service policies, any straight male who openly flaunts his heterosexuality is at severe risk of discipline under sexual harrassment charges, and maybe fraternization. To extend special dispensation to homosexuals for behavior not permitted heteros consititutes de facto discrimination and denial of equal protection to the vast majority of heerosexual troops.

Robert Sexton,
Resign already .. sir.

Gays have served in the military since the beginning. So why do anything? DADT is not about gays in the military, it's just another small step toward legalizing openly Gay marriage.


Lcpl Matthew Grilliot,
OIF combat veteran, USMC
Thank you General Amos for publicly speaking the opinion of the corps. OOHRAH

Kenneth R Ferguson,
The services deserve better than this, they are not a laboratory for social experiment. I have served and can see no gain in bringing homosexuality into the services. No gain, and much to lose.

Robert McGinnis,
One day while on active duty I approached my First Seargent, unknowingly at the time that it was part of First Seargent's duties to make life a living hell for those under their command, I simply stated, MSGT. ...,"No one in this squadren likes you." He said, Well, Airman.....The next time you hear someone talking bad about me tell them that they're wrong." To which I replied, Sir, I can't tell these men what to think, you're the only one that has the ability to make changes in that area."
As usual the United States Government has found away to ignore the majority consensus of the American citizens and move forward on changes that is non essential, if not also counter productive, in promoting and maintaining equality in its's society by allowing favoritism to a select group.
The US Government has passed legislation awaiting the approval of Military leaders before the repeal can be signed into law, hoping that the end results will cause American citizens to conform to its' definition that equality also means changing one's personal convictions to make the practice of homosexuality an acceptable social lifestyle.
I have some surprising news of my own, Mr President, and representatives in congress and capital hill, no amount of legislation has ever , nor will ever change an individual's personal conviction. Legislation only makes people conform outwardly which causes American public morale to drop and disapproval of government intervention to increase. Public approval can't be ordered into existance like the First Seargeant was trying to do and what the military leaders and congress is apparently trying to do.
I just hope to remind the true and tested Military Leaders of the Armed Forces to remember their sense of duty to make the commonwealth, the "majority consensus" of all the American people, their first and foremost priority before deciding to blindly follow orders like a good little soldier, because like so many times before, the representatives in congress have proved that their loyalty rests with the people who have the most prestige and the loudest voice..
It takes only an a volunteer to enlist, but it takes a soldier with integrity and uncompromising honor to stand committed to serve ALL Americans and refuse to retreat in the face of adversity like Marine General James Amos did. I guess That's why He was chosen to be the commander, because He's willing to set the example of what should be done rather than just following higher level orders to retreat.
General James Amos, I salute you. It Was A Job Well Done! USAF Sgt. Robert D. McGinnis, 81150, Aerospace Nuclear Weapons Security Specialist, 1983-1989 It's good to know that at least the Marines still have the leadership to prove that valor is proven through sacrifice of one's own personal preferences for the greater good, the commonwealth of "All Americans",.
I hope this message makes national headlines and also finds its way to General James Amos, to publicly align my support for Marine General James Amos.

An American hero should not be thrown on the junk pile for defending the Corps


April Mulqueen,
Because nothing says freedom like demanding the resignation of an honorable man who disagrees with you.

Big John Sutherland, Cdr, USN, Ret,
Semper Fi General Amos! You are a Great American Sir!

Good grief...Gen. Amos is the only thinking man among all that brass. We really worry about our Defenses. The lack of guts and brains among the command is appalling! It seems to be getting weaker and more hopeless every day. MAN UP LIKE GEN. AMOS!

david s,
I think that trying to punish the General is cruel because he stood on the truth.

Bert Meyer,
I respect General Amos for his courage in speaking his mind. All too many of the high brass are too concerned with their own careers to do anything "unPC"; with a resultant loss of life by the lower ranks because their leaders were too afraid to speak out against bad policies in the military.

The Government should have left it alone. Open Gays in the Military will not work

Fred Gray,
I support the General 100% and would like for The President to tender his resignation instead of the General. These civilians do not understand the position of the servicemen and women and their way of life. They can push it off on the population but not the servicemen and women. Please don’t allow this to happen.

David Reed,

LtCol John T. Sargent, USMC Retired,
General Amos is correct, 100% right, in his opposition to gays in the military. We don't need this distraction in our Corps!

James Gray,
God Bless America and those who defend her.

Rex V. Darling, Jr.,
Viet.combat Vet. Capt-USAF Go Hunter S. Thompson on them and "challenge the bastards on their own turf!"
BASTARDS!! "Tell the Truth And Don't Be Afraid."

Ron Snyder,
The military has a mission, which to accomplish they risk their lives. Idiot, protected, overpaid pundits, especially those that have not served, should shut up.

Robert Bostick, USN Veteran,

John Williams,
22 Years Naval service here. BZ General Amos...

David Davis,
The General supports you, it is time for you to support the General

James McManus,

Richard Robbins,
Serving in the military is it's own reward
and recognition for one's
sexual orientation or any other
chosen lifestyle is not necessary.
I support the views and recommendations
of Gen. Amos wholeheartedly.

Ken Ptack,

David Lindberg,


General Amos hit the nail onthe head and should be commended, not condemed, for his statements. the responsibility of any senior enlised or officer is to identify to those above him/her of potential negative outcomes. Gen Amos did just that. Marines ar enot "yes men" and we take our responsiblities quite seriously. Not that hte decision is law, Gen Amos will take the appropriate actions. "decision made, prepare to execute orders" Semper fi.

Henry Klepac,

BJ Franklin,
The Commandant is correct. There are many pitfalls in the repeal of the DADT, and we will pay for them in the near future. Semper Fi ! Keep telling it like it is even thought the elites don't like it. Most of them are "pantloads" anyway.

Bob Wittenberg, LtCol USMC (ret),

Jim Garmong,
Finally one man tells the truth and he is hung out to dry after 38 years of dedication. You people are amazing. God help this country.

Repeal this mistake on 5 Jan 2011. If you never servered in the military you are not qualified to vote on the subject or sign it into law. Semper FI

Greg Brannon,

Christine Gaskill,

Karl Newman,

Robert A. Ballard,
Gen Amos was my CO in the early 90's. I support his fight against what is likely to be a C.F. for the armed forces of our nation. Semper Fi

Mark Gresham,
Thankyou General Amos for your service. Our government should be listening to you instead of questioning you! It's a fools game they're playing.

Ronald C. Henning,
Mr. President, do you really want to take a shower or bunk with Barney Frank? Do you want your daughters (well, guess they will never serve in the military but someone else's will) live in a baracks and share showers with lesbians??

Jan Bonds,


Steeljaw Scribe,

Dennis Morehouse LTC, retired,
It is the General's job to advise, which he did. It is also his job to carry out orders, which he has stated he will do.
The drive for his resignation is dishonest and should not be allowed.

Allan Braden,

Grady M. May,
Semper Fi General. MSgt May USMC(Ret 2008)

If we truly support our military, we will not burden them with openly serving gays! as you well know, this will seriously affect discipline, troop cohesion and morale of our troops - who already have enough to worry about!

James Teague,

Clark Covey,
Semper fi General Amos!

Joe McKean,
Thank you for holding the line. This was a major
issue that must be corrected. General Amos
has it right.


Paul Medina,
change it to the other services but respect what other Marines have to say

Hack again?!

John DeMeo,
If the President had ever served his country then he might have a better understanding of what the military is all about. I support my commandant and his views 100%. Semper FI