The Victory Institute is an action institution and veterans service organization dedicated to preserving the liberty and security of the American family.

Our mission is to formulate and promote policies based on the principles of strong national security, effective foreign policy, strong homeland security, and national sovereignty. Our motto is Ex Veritate Victoria – Victory Through the Truth.

Those that serve this nation – military members and first responders – traditionally follow orders and as such have virtually no voice in the policy-making and political realms. The Victory Institute is that voice. Through various platforms, we are creating a pipeline for service members, veterans, and first responders to express their Constitutionally-protected right to free speech on issues they have intimate knowledge in (without violating any laws or security guidelines).

If you are interested in joining our organization – or would like to learn more – please contact us. We can certainly put your interests and abilities to good use.

International Security

The mission of the Victory Institute is to aid American leadership with the formulation and promotion of policies that (1) establish a robust homeland security apparatus in a post-9/11 age of ever encroaching terrorist plots, (2) institute an effective foreign policy in the face of aggression from both state and non-state actors, and (3) develop international security’s capacity to combat Islamic Supremacism and other revolutionary sources of terrorism around the globe with a focus on the roles of both the rule of law and issues directly challenging our national sovereignty.

In this mission, the founder of the Victory Institute, Chris Carter, has appointed me to the position of Senior Advisor for International Security.

In offering me the International Security Affairs desk at the Victory Institute, Mr. Carter has tasked me with the development of a “curriculum” specifically geared toward mapping and vanquishing international Islamic Supremacist movements.

I consider the appointment an honor and a unique opportunity to rise in defense of Liberty and Sovereignty.

As an “Action Institution” and veteran service organization dedicated to preserving the liberty and security of the American family, the Victory Institute has chosen as its motto Ex Veritate Victoria – Victory Through Truth. In this respect Mr. Carter and I share a common vision for educating the citizens of the United States in a manner that will (1) expose the nature of the threats America faces both at home and abroad, (2) disprove the narratives, policies and rhetoric which strengthen our offenders and (3) proclaim consistent and actionable alternatives to undue evasions of state.

Victory, like Liberty, is an earned thing. To achieve both for ourselves and our descendants will require hard work and courage, today. Truths are not things held by an informed citizenry; rather, they are the earnings of reasoning individuals. Truths are not translated by preachers, they are hinted at by teachers and grasped by thinkers. The motto of the Victory Institute – Victory through Truth – then, foretells of the rise of both an intellectual movement in the near term and the ultimate triumph of an intellectual revolt. In full, then, the Victory Institute stands at the dawning of an American philosophical awakening.

As the Senior Advisor for International Security at the Victory Institute, my primary role is to organize the core thrust of the rising intellectual movement and its methodology to generate both immediate impact and long-ranging victory.

Key to this strategic approach is an education campaign.

Therefore, in terms of countering international Islamic Supremacism and Contemporary Jihadism, the International Security Affairs desk will cultivate and recruit a cadre of intellectually honest student-teachers.

An ideological epidemic such as Islamic Supremacy can only be defeated on a philosophical battlefield and can only be cured by self-trained doctors organized in an intellectual movement. To this end, the curriculum revealed at the International Security Affairs desk will present a consistent case for victory in a war of perception, provide knowledge, identify markers and fountainheads, and generate a methodical logging process for the self-trained doctors of tomorrow — all — while influencing the intellectual trend, today.

Ultimately, with your support, the Victory Institute will help organize an intellectual revolt, wage a counter-influence campaign and usher in a more clairvoyant generation.

Gary H. Johnson, Senior Advisor for International Security