Providence Home celebrates 55 years

By W. Thomas Smith Jr.

COLUMBIA, S.C. – Providence Home, a non-profit Christian ministry providing meals, lodging, Christian counseling and work assistance to dislocated men in central South Carolina, celebrates its 55th year beginning this month as it prepares to break ground on a brand-new dormitory in Mar. 2018.

The new building will enable Providence Home to add 24 men to its ever-burgeoning numbers. “The need for additional space and resources are always present,” says Rob Settle, executive director of Providence Home. “And this new growth for us speaks to the necessity and vitality of Providence Home as we draw nearer to six decades of service to those in need.”

Founded in 1963 by reformed substance-abuser Johnny Zenoni – who after years of struggling with alcoholism, turned to Christ for help in “breaking free from the chains of addiction” – Providence Home has similarly served untold numbers of dislocated men and transformed lives in the process.

“There are several wonderful ministries in the Columbia area, but Providence Home is unique in that it is both a transitional and a transformational ministry,” says Settle. “We specialize in the discipleship of men while they are working and moving toward independent living.”

As a transitional program, Providence Home provides all of the day-to-day life essentials – room and board, friendships and Christian counseling, as well as assistance to the Home’s residents as they seek gainful outside-employment or work at the Home, and make their way back to independent living. The transformation aspect is found within the renewing of one’s mind as found in Romans 12:2.

“The ministry of Providence Home promotes Jesus Christ and His truth so that residents of faith and obedience can be established on a stable foundation,” says Settle. “And the amazing results are found within the changed hearts and successful lives as witnessed in the men who at one time called – or perhaps still call – Providence Home, home.”

Settle adds, “We’re making an impact for Christ in Columbia.”

Providence Home is located at 3421 N. Main Street in Columbia a few miles north of the city center.

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[Pictured is Jim Sonefeld of the band, ‘Hootie & the Blowfish,’ speaking to the men of Providence Home.]

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