By Chris Carter

In a uniquely told version of the 2,000-plus-year-old Christmas story of the wise men and the star, writer and military technical consultant W. Thomas Smith Jr., combines his love of Scripture and historical research with his Marine infantry land-navigation skills, his experience traveling across the Middle East and his quest for thoroughness, simplicity and truth. Smith’s THE MAGI AND THE STAR was recorded Oct. 23, 2018.

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“I am thankful for W. Thomas Smith, Jr.’s thoughtful and worshipful look into the incredible phenomena, both natural and supernatural, that accompanied the glorious arrival of the Son of God,” says Dr. Tony Myers, senior pastor of St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church in Somerset, PA. “May it cause us to also think and worship deeply.”

Christian missionary Henry Clay agrees.

“What an inspiring and informative presentation of the details and context of the well-known Christmas stories,” says Clay, who serves with The Navigators, a global discipleship-building ministry. “Take some time this season to reflect again on these beautiful scenes that launch God’s great story of redemption.”

Smith is a former U.S. Marine rifle squad leader, counterterrorism instructor, and SWAT (tactical) team officer in the nuclear industry. A retired Col. in the S.C. Military Dept., Smith is a military analyst and a military technical consultant for films airing on The Military Channel. He is an author and a New York Times bestselling editor whose travels have taken him across the globe and whose work has appeared in many of the world’s top-tier publications.

Much of Smith’s work describing God and faith in his life may be read at Visit Smith online at

– The Magi and the Star was co-produced by Billy Grooms and Chris Carter.


  1. Paintings and other pictures of the Adoration of the Magi may include a depiction of the star in some form. In the fresco by Giotto di Bondone , it is depicted as a comet. In the tapestry of the subject designed by Edward Burne-Jones (and in the related watercolour ), the star is held by an angel.

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