Afghanistan Order of Battle March 2011

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This order of battle includes only the ground combat forces of the U.S. and NATO commands in Afghanistan as of March 2011 – the units, down to battalion level, that operate in the field as ground-owning battle groups or, in some cases, advisory forces. Other formations, such as provincial reconstruction teams and aviation, engineering, artillery, and logistical units, are excluded. “White” special operations forces are described in general terms only, while American “black” special operations forces are excluded entirely.<ref name="isw">This Order of Battle is adapted from the Institute for the Study of War's March 2011 Order of Battle (</ref>

  • International Security Assistance Force / United States Forces – Afghanistan (Gen. David Petraeus, USA) – ISAF Headquarters, Kabul
    • Combined Forces Special Operations Component Command (Forward) – Afghanistan (Brig. Gen. Christopher Haas, USA) – Kabul<ref>CFSOCC-A was established in February 2009 to oversee “white” U.S. SOF in Afghanistan. Until March 2010, it was under only the tactical control of

USFOR-A, but since that time it has been under USFOR-A operational control as well.</ref>

      • Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force – Afghanistan (Col. Don Bolduc, USA) – Bagram Airfield<ref>CJSOTF-A oversees four battalion-level special operations task forces (one built around a Marine special operations battalion and three around Army

Special Forces battalions, plus a Navy SEAL element). CJSOTF-A’s main missions are advising the Afghan National Army’s commando kandaks and raising the new Afghan Local Police Forces.</ref>

        • Regional Special Operations Task Forces
        • 1-16 Infantry (Lt. Col. James Smith, USA) – village stability operations
        • ISAF Special Operations Forces / Special Operations Command and Control Element (UK/Australia) – Kabul<ref>Command of ISAF SOF rotates between British and Australian officers. ISAF SOF oversees six to seven special operations task groups (numbered task forces) from various nations, including task groups led by British, Australian, Polish, Canadian, German, and Italian SOF.</ref>
          • Regional Special Operations Task Groups
    • NATO Training Mission – Afghanistan / Combined Security Transition Command – Afghanistan (Lt. Gen. William Caldwell, USA) – Camp Phoenix, Kabul
      • 3-4 Infantry (Lt. Col. Dan Kelley, USA) – Kabul Military Training Center and other locations countrywide; training Afghan army forces
      • 1-134 Cavalry (USA) – Camp Phoenix; training Afghan police forces
    • International Security Assistance Force Joint Command (Lt. Gen. David Rodriguez, USA) – Kabul International Airport<ref>The IJC, a corps-level headquarters, took control of day-to-day ISAF operations in October 2009.</ref>
      • Regional Command Capital (Brig. Gen. Sasmaz, Turkey) – Camp Warehouse, Kabul<ref>RC(C) has been led by Turkey since November 2009. The current rotation took control at the beginning of November 2010.</ref>
        • Turkish Battle Group – operating in Kabul
      • Regional Command West / “Julia” Alpine Brigade (Brig. Gen. Marcello Bellacicco, Italy) – Camp Aerna, Herat<ref>The current RC(W) rotation arrived in late October 2010.</ref>
        • Task Force North (Italy) – Bala Murghab; operating in Badghis<ref>The 2nd Regiment forms RC-West’s TF North.</ref>
        • Task Force Center (Italy) – Camp La Marmora, Shindand; operating in southern Herat<ref>The 3rd Regiment forms RC-West’s TF Center.</ref>
        • Task Force South (Italy) – Camp El-Alamein; operating in Farah<ref>The 9th Regiment forms RC-West’s TF South.</ref>
        • Task Force Southeast (Italy) – operating in eastern Farah
          • 3rd “Principe” Light Infantry Regiment (Col. Francisco Rosaleny Pardo de Santallana, Spain) – Qala-e-Naw; operating in Badghis
        • 7-10 Cavalry (Lt. Col. Scott Mitchell, USA) – Camp Stone, Herat; operating in Herat and Badghis
      • Regional Command East / 101st Airborne Division (Maj. Gen. John Campbell, USA) – Bagram Airfield<ref>RC(E) is led by the 101st Airborne Division, which relieved the 82nd Airborne Division in June 2010. Other attached units include the 10th Combat Aviation Brigade. This is the division’s second Afghanistan deployment (plus two Iraq deployments).</ref>
        • Task Force Bastogne / 1st BCT, 101st Airborne Division (Col. Andrew Poppas, USA) – Jalalabad Airfield; responsible for Kunar, Nangarhar, and Nuristan provinces<ref>1/101 Airborne relieved 4/4 ID around June 1, 2010. This is its first Afghanistan deployment (plus three Iraq deployments).</ref>
          • 1-32 Cavalry (Lt. Col. Douglas Vincent, USA) – FOB Bostick, Naray; operating in Nuristan and northern Kunar
          • 1-61 Cavalry (Lt. Col. William Johnson, USA) – FOB Connoly, Khogyani; operating in western Nangarhar
          • 1-327 Infantry (Lt. Col. Joe Ryan, USA) – FOB Blessing, Pech; operating in western Kunar
          • 2-327 Infantry (Lt. Col. Joel Vowell, USA) – FOB Joyce, Chawkay; operating in eastern Kunar
        • Task Force Currahee / 4th BCT, 101st Airborne Division (Col. Sean Jenkins, USA) – FOB Sharana; responsible for Paktika province<ref>4/101 Airborne, the main unit of surge Force Package 3, assumed control of Paktika in September 2010. This is the brigade’s second Afghanistan deployment(plus an Iraq deployment).</ref>
          • 1-506 Infantry (Lt. Col. Dave Womack, USA) – FOB Sharana; operating in western Paktika
          • 2-506 Infantry (USA) – FOB Orgun; operating in eastern Paktika
        • Task Force Duke / 3rd BCT, 1st Infantry Division (Col. Christopher Toner, USA) – FOB Salerno, Khowst; responsible for Khowst and Paktya provinces<ref>3/1 ID relieved 3/101 Airborne in late January 2011. This is the brigade’s second Afghanistan deployment.</ref>
          • 6-4 Cavalry (Lt. Col. Mark Borowski, USA) – Camp Clark; operating in eastern Khowst
          • 1-26 Infantry (Lt. Col. Jesse Pearson, USA) – operating in western Khowst
          • 1-168 Infantry (Lt. Col. Stephen Boesen, USA) – FOB Lightning; operating in Paktya<ref>1-168, an Iowa National Guard unit, relieved 3-172 Infantry in November 2010.</ref>
        • Task Force La Fayette / 9th Marine Light Armored Brigade (Brig. Gen. Jean Francois Hogard, France) – FOB Nijrab, Kapisa; responsible for Kapisa province and Surobi district<ref>9e BLBMa deployed in late October 2010.</ref>
          • 2nd Marine Infantry Regiment (Col. Bruno Heluin, France) – FOB Tora; operating in Surobi district<ref>2e RIMa deployed in early December 2010. It is also known as TF Richelieu or GTIA Surobi.</ref>
          • 7th Mountain Infantry Battalion (Col. Bruno Gardy, France) – FOB Kutschbach; operating in Kapisa province<ref>7e BCA deployed in late November 2010. It is also known as TF Allobroges or GTIA Kapisa.</ref>
        • Task Force Patriot / 4th BCT, 10th Mountain Division (Col. Bruce Antonia, USA) – FOB Shank, Logar; responsible for Logar and Wardak provinces<ref>4/10 Mountain relieved 173rd Airborne BCT in November 2010. This is its first Afghanistan deployment as a full brigade (plus an Iraq deployment).</ref>
          • 2-4 Infantry (Lt. Col. Thomas Rickard, USA) – operating in Wardak
          • 2-30 Infantry (Lt. Col. Chris Ramsey, USA) – FOB Shank; operating in Logar
          • 3-89 Cavalry (Lt. Col. Phillip Chambers, USA) – FOB Airborne; operating in Wardak
          • Task Force 222 (Col. Aref Alzaben, Jordan) – FOB Shank; operating in Logar<ref>The presence of TF 222 was publicly disclosed in a Defense Department news briefing with Col. James Johnson and Col. Aref Alzaben on September 15, 2010. TF 222, or TF Nashmi, is built around an unidentified Jordanian Ranger battalion.</ref>
        • Task Force Red Bulls / 2nd BCT, 34th Infantry Division (Col. Benjamin Correll, USA) – Bagram Airfield; responsible for Bamyan, Laghman, Panjshir, and Parwan provinces<ref>2/34 ID is a unit of the Iowa National Guard which deployed in November 2010.</ref>
          • 1-113 Cavalry (Lt. Col. David Updegraff, USA) – Bagram Airfield; operating in Parwan
          • 1-133 Infantry (Lt. Col. Steve Kremer, USA) – FOB Mehtar Lam; operating in Laghman
        • Task Force White Eagle / 10th Armored Cavalry Brigade (Brig. Gen. Andrzej Reudowicz, Poland) – FOB Ghazni; responsible for Ghazni province<ref>The 10th Armored Cavalry Brigade deployed as TF White Eagle in late October 2010.</ref>
          • Battle Group Alpha (Poland) – FOB Ghazni; operating in eastern Ghazni
          • Battle Group Bravo (Poland) – FOB Warrior; operating in western Ghazni
        • 2-2 Infantry (Lt. Col. Alan Streeter, USA) – FOB Andar; operating in southeastern Ghazni
    • Regional Command North (Maj. Gen. Hans-Werner Fritz, Germany) – Camp Marmal, Mazar-e-Sharif<ref>The current leadership of RC(N) arrived in late June 2010. The deputy commander is an American officer. Also attached to the command is the American 4th Combat Aviation Brigade.</ref>
      • Mountain Infantry Battalion 232 (Germany) – Camp Marmal; operating in western RC (North)<ref>Mountain Infantry Battalion 232 assumed duties as TF Mazar-e-Sharif in October 2010.</ref>
      • Paratrooper Battalion 263 (Lt. Col. Andreas Steinhaus, Germany) – FOB Kunduz; operating in eastern RC (North)<ref>Paratrooper Battalion 263 deployed as TF Kunduz in January 2011.</ref>
      • Task Force Warrior / 1st BCT, 10th Mountain Division (Col. Bill Burleson, USA) – Camp Mike Spann, Mazar-e-Sharif<ref>1/10 Mountain deployed in April 2010 as part of surge Force Package 1. This is the brigade’s second Afghanistan deployment (plus two Iraq deployments).</ref>
        • 1-87 Infantry (Lt. Col. Russell Lewis, USA) – FOB Kunduz; operating in Kunduz and Baghlan
    • Regional Command South / 10th Mountain Division (Maj. Gen. James Terry, USA) – Kandahar Airfield<ref>10th Mountain Division relieved UK 6 Division as RC(S) on November 2, 2010. Other units attached to the division include the 159th Combat Aviation Brigade.</ref>
      • Combined Team Uruzgan (Col. James Creighton, USA) – Camp Holland, Tarin Kowt; responsible for Uruzgan province<ref>The U.S.-led CT Uruzgan relieved the Dutch-led TF Uruzgan at the beginning of August 2010. Its staff is built around an element of the 2nd Stryker Cavalry Regiment headquarters.</ref>
        • 1/2 Stryker Cavalry (Lt. Col. Douglas Sims, USA) – Camp Holland, Tarin Kowt; operating in Uruzgan
        • 5 Royal Australian Regiment (Lt. Col. Darren Huxley, Australia) – Camp Holland, Tarin Kowt; advising and reconstruction mission<ref>MTF-2, built around the 5 RAR battle group, relieved MTF-1 in late October 2010.</ref>
      • Combined Team Zabul / 2nd Stryker Cavalry Regiment (Col. James Blackburn, USA) – FOB Lagman, Qalat; responsible for Zabul province<ref>2nd SCR, the second Stryker BCT to deploy to Afghanistan, relieved 5/2 SBCT in July 2010. A portion of its staff is drawn from the Romanian 81st Mechanized Brigade. This is its first Afghanistan deployment (plus one Iraq deployment).</ref>
        • 2/2 Stryker Cavalry (Lt. Col. Omar Jones, USA) – FOB Lagman; operating in Zabul
        • 26th Infantry Battalion (Romania) – FOB Lagman; operating along Highway One in Zabul<ref>The 26th Battalion deployed in December 2010.</ref>
        • U/I infantry battalion (Romania) – FOB Lagman; operating along Highway One in Zabul<ref>This battalion relieved the 812th Battalion in January 2011.</ref>
      • Task Force Kandahar (Brig. Gen. Dean Milner, Canada) – Kandahar Airfield; responsible for Daman, Dand, and Panjwayi districts
        • 1/22 Royal Regiment (Lt. Col. Michel-Henri St-Louis, Canada) – operating in Panjwayi<ref>This battle group arrived in late November 2010.</ref>
        • 1-71 Cavalry (Lt. Col. John Paganini, USA) – operating in Dand and Daman<ref>1-71 is detached from 1/10 Mountain.</ref>
      • Task Force Lightning / 525th Battlefield Surveillance Brigade (Col. Jim Edwards, USA) – FOB Spin Boldak; responsible for southeastern Kandahar province
        • 4/2 Stryker Cavalry (Lt. Col. Andrew Green, USA) – FOB Spin Boldak; operating in Spin Boldak
        • 1-38 Cavalry (Lt. Col. Jim Gaylord, USA) – U/I location; operating near Pakistani border
      • Task Force Raider / 1st BCT, 4th Infantry Division (Col. Jeff Martindale, USA) – responsible for Kandahar city and Arghandab district
        • 1-22 Infantry (Lt. Col. Clay Padgett, USA) – operating in Kandahar city
        • 1-66 Armor (Lt. Col. Rodger Lemons, USA) – operating in southern Arghandab district
      • Task Force Strike / 2nd BCT, 101st Airborne Division (Col. Art Kandarian) – FOB Wilson; responsible for Zhari and Maywand districts and northwestern Panjwayi district<ref>2/101 deployed as surge Force Package 2 in June-July 2010. This is its first Afghanistan deployment (plus three Iraq deployments).</ref>
        • 3/2 Stryker Cavalry (Lt. Col. Bryan Denny, USA) – FOB Azizullah; operating in Maywand
        • 1-75 Cavalry (Lt. Col. Thomas McFadyen, USA) – FOB Wilson; operating in south-central Zhari
        • 1-502 Infantry (Lt. Col. Johnny Davis, USA) – FOB Wilson; operating in eastern Zhari<ref>1-502 relieved 1-12 Infantry at the end of May 2010.</ref>
        • 2-502 Infantry (Lt. Col. Peter Benchoff, USA) – FOB Howz-e-Madad; operating in western Zhari
    • Regional Command (Southwest) / I Marine Expeditionary Force (Forward) (Maj. Gen. Richard Mills, USMC) – Camp Leatherneck<ref>I MEF (Forward) deployed in April 2010 and became the first RC(SW) in June. In addition to the British brigade and two Marine RCTs, it controls a

Marine air wing.</ref>

      • 2nd Reconnaissance Battalion (Lt. Col. Lawrence Hussey, USMC) – Camp Leatherneck; elements operating near Sangin and Marja
      • 3rd LAR Battalion (Lt. Col. Kenneth Kassner, USMC) – COP Payne, Khan Neshin; operating in Reg district<ref>3rd LAR relieved 1st LAR in November 2010.</ref>
      • 3/25 Marines (Lt. Col. Lawrence Kaifesh, USMC) – Camp Leatherneck; base security mission
      • Regimental Combat Team 1 (Col. David Furness, USMC) – Camp Dwyer, Garmsir; responsible for southern Helmand<ref>RCT-1 relieved RCT-7 in late September 2010.</ref>
        • 2/1 Marines (Lt. Col. Matthew Reid, USMC) – FOB Delhi; operating in Garmsir<ref>2/1 relieved 3/1 in November 2010.</ref>
        • 2/3 Marines (Lt. Col. John Evans, USMC) – COP Geronimo; operating in Nawa<ref>2/3 relieved 3/3 in November 2010.</ref>
        • 2/8 Marines (Lt. Col. John Harrill, USMC) – FOB Sher Wali; operating in northern Marja<ref>2/8 relieved 2/9 in January 2011.</ref>
        • 3/9 Marines (Lt. Col. David Hudspeth, USMC) – FOB Marja; operating in southern Marja<ref>3/9 relieved 2/6 in December 2010.</ref>
      • Regimental Combat Team 8 (Col. Eric Smith, USMC) – Camp Delaram II; responsible for northern Helmand, southeastern Farah, and northeastern Nimruz<ref>RCT-8 relieved RCT-2 in early February 2011.</ref>
        • 3/5 Marines (Lt. Col. Jason Morris, USMC) – FOB Jackson; operating in Sangin
        • 1/8 Marines (Lt. Col. Daniel Canfield, USMC) – FOB Musa Qala; operating in Musa Qala<ref>1/8 relieved 1/2 in September 2010.</ref>
        • 3/8 Marines (Lt. Col. Farrell Sullivan, USMC) – operating in Gereshk valley south of Sangin<ref>3/8, the battalion landing team of the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit, deployed in January 2011.</ref>
        • 32nd Infantry Battalion (Georgia) – Camp Delaram II; operating in Delaram area<ref>The 32nd Battalion deployed in December 2010.</ref>
      • Task Force Helmand / 16 Air Assault Brigade (Brig. James Chiswell, UK) – Camp Lashkar Gah; responsible for central Helmand<ref>16 Air Assault Brigade deployed as TF Helmand in October 2010. This is the brigade’s fourth deployment to Afghanistan.</ref>
        • 1 Irish Guards (Lt. Col. Christopher Ghika, UK) – Camp Tombstone; army advisors<ref>1 Irish Guards took over as the Brigade Advisory Group in late September 2010. Its companies are attached to the other battle groups as kandak advisor teams.</ref>
        • 2 Parachute Regiment (Lt. Col. Andy Harrison, UK) – Babaji; operating in southern Nahr-e-Saraj<ref>2 PARA took over as Combined Force Nahr-e-Saraj (South) in October 2010.</ref>
        • 3 Parachute Regiment (UK) – FOB Shahzad; operating in northern Nad-e-Ali<ref>3 PARA took over as Combined Force Nad-e-Ali (North) in November 2010.</ref>
        • 1 Royal Irish Regiment (Lt. Col. Colin Weir, UK) – FOB Shawqat; operating in southern Nad-e-Ali<ref>1 R IRISH took over as Combined Force Nad-e-Ali (South) in October 2010.</ref>
        • 2 Royal Regiment of Scotland (UK) – Camp Lashkar Gah; operating in Lashkar Gah area<ref>2 SCOTS took over as Combined Force Lashkar Gah in late October or early November 2010.</ref>
        • 5 Royal Regiment of Scotland (Lt. Col. Adam Griffiths, UK) – Camp Lashkar Gah; police advisors<ref>5 SCOTS took over as the Police Development Advisory Training Team (PDATT) headquarters in early October 2010.</ref>
        • Danish Battle Group (Col. Jens Riis-Vestergaard, Denmark) – FOB Price, Gereshk; operating in northern Nahr-e-Saraj<ref>The Danish Team 11 forms the core of Combined Force Nahr-e-Saraj (North). The current rotation arrived in February 2011. The battle group contains

several British companies.</ref>

Recent Changes

Major changes from February:<ref name="isw" />

  • Relief of RCT-2 by RCT-8 in RC Southwest

Major changes from January:<ref></ref>

  • Relief of 3/101 Airborne by 3/1 ID in RC East
  • Arrival of elements of 26th MEU in RC Southwest

Major changes from November:<ref></ref>

  • Relief of 173rd Airborne BCT by 4th BCT, 10th Mountain in RC East
  • Relief of 86th BCT by 2nd BCT, 34th ID in RC East


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